To schedule a drop-off or pick-up, call (716) 545-6369

What We Accept

BCR accepts all electronics equipment except for CRT monitors and tube TVs. If you have any questions about recycling your electronics, please call (716) 545-6369 or send us an email. Our drop off hours are: Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm and Saturday: Call to schedule an appointment

Data Security Guarantee

We guarantee your data security by erasing all information from your hard drive in accordance with the highest standards of the Department of Defense. No information contained on a hard drive remains once it has been processed by BCR.

Zero Landfill Policy

We remove materials (such as plastic, metal, glass, and steel) and other reusable parts to build and refurbish electronic devices. We also make sure hazardous materials (such as lead, mercury, and PCBs) are disposed of according to EPA and DEC safety guidelines and don’t end up in our waterways. Nothing we recycle goes into any landfill.

Items accepted at our drop off location

Complete Units


Desktop & Laptop Computers

LCD Monitors



Keyboards and Mice




Hard Drives

Power Supplies

Mid-Grade and Low-grade boards

Mixed Wire

Memory and Add-on Cards

Home Electronics


DVD/VCR Players

Audio/Stereo Equipment


Digital Cameras