Did You Know?

Federal and state electronic waste regulations require organizations (business, non-profit, and government) to dispose of most electronics in an environmentally sound manner to prevent their accumulation in landfills where toxic elements could leach into the water stream?

We Can Help

BCR will pay businesses for most newer models of computers and electronics, helping you get the most value out of your networks and equipment. BCR also offers free pick-up for qualifying organizations. Call us at (716) 545-6369 to find out if your office qualifies.

What happens to your E-waste?

  • Upon receipt, BCR identifies and sorts electronics according to which can be refurbished and which cannot but contain parts that can be reused.
  • We then refurbish certain products and remove the reusable materials and components of other products. These processes are done manually to ensure maximum recovery of reusable materials.
  • All hard drives are wiped clean according to the Department of Defense standards. BCR ensures that sensitive information is completely removed.
  • Once BCR receives electronics, they will never be put into a landfill. Electronics that cannot be refurbished, once reusable materials and components are removed, are sent to downstream vendors for recycling. All downstream vendors recycle in a clean, environmentally-friendly manner and are required to be licensed and certified with the proper government agencies.

Asset Management

BCR is a thorough, client- and environmentally-focused value-added reseller.

We currently support the following services and processes:

• Removal, testing, and repair of hardware including memory, hard drives, power supplies, monitors, keyboards, mice, motherboards, video cards, etc.

• Refurbishing of computers and computer-related electronic devices

• Data sanitation, and destruction

• Sale of refurbished/rebuilt computers as well as other electronic devices and components following comprehensive quality assurance methods.