What We Accept

BCR accepts all electronic equipment. If you have any questions about recycling your electronics, please call (716) 545-6369 or send us an email. Our drop off hours are: Monday – Friday: By appointment only

Data Security Guarantee

We guarantee your data security by erasing all information from your hard drive in accordance with the highest standards of the Department of Defense. No information contained on a hard drive remains once it has been processed by BCR.
Items accepted at our drop off location

Business Electronics


Desktop and Laptop Computers
Phone Systems
Broken Office electronics
Computer Peripherals
Switches and Networking equipment
Monitors and TV units
Printers, Copiers, Scanners
Video & Audio Equipment
Security Equipment
Uninterruptiple Power Supplies
POS Systems

Personal Electronics


Mobile Devices
Cable Boxes
Game Consoles
Stereo Equipment
MP3 Players/Walkmans

Industrial Electronics


Control Modules
Large machines and components
Motherboards, peripheral boards and other loose components
Medical Equipment
Aerospace equipment
Manufacturing Equipment

Items NOT accepted at our drop off location

Unaccepted Items

Devices containing liquid mercury
Devices containing PCB
Radioactive materials
Hazardous Waste
Propane Tanks
Wooden Speakers
Alkaline Batteries
Gas powered Equipment
Appliances (Refrigerators, Microwaves, Toasters, ACs Ect..)
CDs, DVDs, Tapes